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Connectors for Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

Connectors for Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

You can add connections to a broad array of data sources in projects and catalogs. Source connections can be used to read data; target connections can be used to load (save) data. When you create a target connection, be sure to use credentials that have Write permission or you won't be able to save data to the target.

From a project, you must create a connection to a data source before you can read data from it or load data to it.

From a catalog, you must add a connection asset before you can add data assets for the tables you can access from the connection.

From Data Virtualization, you can create connections on the Platform connections page or on the Data virtualization > Data sources page. For more information, see Adding and connecting to data sources in Data Virtualization.

IBM services

Third-party services

Supported connectors by tool

The following tools and services support connections:

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