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IBM MQ connection

IBM MQ connection

To access your data in IBM MQ, create a connection asset for it.

MQ is messaging and queuing middleware that works with a broad range of computing platforms, applications, web services, and communications protocols for security-rich message delivery. MQ was formerly named "IBM WebSphere MQ." This connection is available for the DataStage service only.

Supported versions

IBM MQ 7.5, 8.0, 9.0, 9.1, 9.3

Create a connection to MQ

To create the connection asset, you need these connection details:

  • Queue manager: Name of the queue manager to access. The value must match the queue manager in the client connection channel definition in MQ. The maximum number of characters is 48.

  • Username: Name of the user that connects to the MQ server. Specify the domain or server name with this format: user@DNS_domain_name.

  • Password: Password for the username that connects to the MQ server.

  • Channel name: If you do not enter a value, the MQSERVER environment variable is automatically used for the client-channel definition when the DataStage job is run. The maximum number of characters is 20.

  • Transport type: Choices are TCP and UDP.

  • Connection name: The format of the connection name must match the selected transport type. The maximum number of characters is 264.

Choose the method for creating a connection based on where you are in the platform

In a project
Click Assets > New asset > Data access tools > Connection. See Adding a connection to a project.
In the Platform assets catalog
Click New connection. See Adding platform connections.
In a deployment space
Click Add to space > Connection. See Adding connections to a deployment space.

Where you can use this connection

You can use the MQ connection in the following workspaces and tools:

  DataStage (DataStage service). See Connecting to a data source in DataStage.

Platform assets catalog

MQ setup

Configuring IBM MQ


Previewing data and using the asset browser to browse metadata do not work for the IBM MQ connection.

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