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Replicating data (Data Replication)

Replicating data (Data Replication)

Use Data Replication to integrate and synchronize data. Data Replication provides near-real-time data delivery with low impact to sources.

Tech preview This is a technology preview and is not yet supported for use in production environments.


Required service
Data Replication. You must create and deploy a service instance of Data Replication in Cloud Pak for Data as a Service to replicate your data. For more information, see Creating and managing IBM Cloud services.
Data formats
Data Replication works with connections to and from select types of data sources and formats. For more information, see Supported Data Replication connections.
Data Replication uses your IBM Cloud credentials to connect to the service.

The Data Replication is configured as an asset type that you add to a project. After you create a Data Replication service instance, you need to start running the replication asset, which runs continuously.

Data Replication details page

You can use the multi-cloud technology and architecture to replicate data to and from supported data sources and targets.

The beta version of Data Replication includes the following key features:

  • Managed cloud service for simplicity, automatic provisioning, service availability, lights out operations
    • Simplified NEW user experience
    • Intuitive UI
    • Supports copy of schema or schema/table(s) business goal
  • Cloud platform integration
    • Standard IBM look and feel for ease of adoption
  • Simplifies operations with DDL handling
    • New tables that are created on selected source schemas are replicated
    • Table level DDL - new columns, drop columns, and others are replicated
  • Baked in security by using security standards of the IBM Cloud platform
  • Preserves replication core values: Efficient captures from sources, low-latency data delivery, and performance

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