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AI Governance

AI Governance

AI Governance is a set of tools and capabilities for managing your AI assets in accordance with your organization's regulations and requirements. Evaluate assets to meet compliance goals, and collect governance facts for machine-learning models from request to production.

Use these tools to meet your compliance goals:

  • Watson OpenScale provides tools for configuring monitors that evaluate your deployed assets against thresholds you specify. For example, you can configure a threshold that alerts you when predictive machine learning models perform below a specified threshold for fairness in monitored outcomes, or drift from accuracy. A Model Health monitor provides real-time performance tracking for deployed models.
  • AI Factsheets collects the metadata for machine learning models and prompt templates you explicitly track. Develop AI use cases to gather all of the information for managing a model from the request phase through development and into production. Manage multiple versions or a model, or compare different approaches to solving a business problem within a use case. Factsheets display information about the models including creation information, data that is used, and where the asset is in the lifecycle.

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