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Dropbox connection

Dropbox connection

To access your data in Dropbox, create a connection asset for it.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service where you can you host and synchronize files on your devices.

Create a connection to Dropbox

To create the connection asset, you need an access token or a refresh token.

Authentication method: You can use an access token for short-term access or a refresh token for long-term access to Dropbox.

  • Access token (short-lived): The OAuth2 access token that you obtained from the Dropbox App Console or by following the instructions at the OAuth Guide in the Dropbox documentation.

  • Refresh token (long-lived): For setup instructions for the token, see the Implement refresh tokens information at Migrating App Permissions and Access Tokens in the Dropbox documentation. You can find the values for the App key (Client ID) and App secret (Client secret) in the Dropbox App Console after you select your app.

Choose the method for creating a connection based on where you are in the platform

In a project
Click Assets > New asset > Data access tools > Connection. See Adding a connection to a project.
In a catalog
Click Add to catalog > Connection. See Adding a connection asset to a catalog.
In a deployment space
Click Add to space > Connection. See Adding connections to a deployment space.
In the Platform assets catalog
Click New connection. See Adding platform connections.

Next step: Add data assets from the connection

Where you can use this connection

You can use Dropbox connections in the following workspaces and tools:



  • Platform assets catalog

  • Other catalogs (IBM Knowledge Catalog)

Dropbox setup

Dropbox plans

Supported file types

The Dropbox connection supports these file types:  Avro, CSV, Delimited text, Excel, JSON, ORC, Parquet, SAS, SAV, SHP, and XML.

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