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APIs for your services

APIs for your services

Many services in Cloud Pak for Data as a Service provide APIs.

Watson APIs for Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog

You can use a collection of REST APIs associated with Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog and other services to manage data-related assets and the people who need to use these assets. See Watson Data API.

Connections in the Watson Data API

Use the Watson Data API to create a connection in a catalog or project. See Connections in the Watson Data API.

IBM Match 360 with Watson (Beta) API

Use the REST API associated with IBM Match 360 with Watson (Beta) to connect its powerful master data matching capabilities to your systems and processes. You can use the API and corresponding SDKs to develop applications that interact with the service. See the IBM Match 360 with Watson API docs.

Important: The IBM Match 360 with Watson (Beta) REST API version is currently V0. Immediately upon release of the V1 API, the V0 API will no longer be supported. The V0 API should not be used in production systems, and should be reserved for use in development and test environments. The V1 release of the IBM Match 360 API is coming soon to enable you to use it in production systems.
Configure master data
Configure the data model, manage project metadata, suggest mapping and matching attributes, and initiate the data matching process.
View and change master data
Line of business users or data analysts can search for and modify the data in the system. Search, view, edit, and export records and entities.
Match data
Data engineers can manage the data matching process by initiating matching and visualizing matching results and master data entities.
Manage the data model
Data engineers can manage the metadata in the IBM Match 360 with Watson system. They can view and modify the model, the matching algorithm, and the composite view rules.

Watson Query APIs

The Watson Query on Cloud REST API connects to your service so you can manage your virtual data, data sources, and user roles. See the Watson Query on Cloud API docs.

APIs for machine learning

Watson Machine Learning allows for managing spaces, deployments and assets programmatically using:

For links to sample Jupyter notebooks that demonstrate how to manage spaces, deployments and assets programmatically, see Machine Learning Python client samples and examples.

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