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Google Cloud Pub/Sub connection

Google Cloud Pub/Sub connection

To access your data in Google Cloud Pub/Sub, create a connection asset for it.

Google Cloud Pub/Sub is used for streaming analytics and data integration pipelines to ingest and distribute data. This connection is available for the DataStage service only.

Create a connection to Google Cloud Pub/Sub

The Google account credentials are in JSON format. You can enter the credentials properties by individual fields or paste in the entire JSON file.

For information about Google Cloud authentication, see Google Cloud Authentication overview.

Use one of the following combination of values for authentication:

  • Credentials: The contents of the Google service account key (JSON) file, or
  • The following values:
    • Access token
    • Client ID: The OAuth client ID
    • Client secret: The OAuth client secret
    • Refresh token

Project ID: (Optional) The ID of the Google project

Choose the method for creating a connection based on where you are in the platform

In a project
Click Assets > New asset > Data access tools > Connection. See Adding a connection to a project.
In the Platform assets catalog
Click New connection. See Adding platform connections.
In a deployment space
Click Add to space > Connection. See Adding connections to a deployment space.

Where you can use this connection

You can use the Google Cloud Pub/Sub connection in the following workspaces and tools:



  • Platform assets catalog

Google Cloud Pub/Sub setup

Google Cloud Pub/Sub Quickstarts

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