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Microsoft Azure Blob Storage connection

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage connection

To access your data in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, create a connection asset for it.

Azure Blob Storage is used for storing large amounts of data in the cloud.

Create a connection to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

To create the connection asset, you need these connection details:

Connection string: Authentication is managed by the Azure portal access keys.

Choose the method for creating a connection based on where you are in the platform

In a project
Click Assets > New asset > Data access tools > Connection. See Adding a connection to a project.
In a catalog
Click Add to catalog > Connection. See Adding a connection asset to a catalog.
In a deployment space
Click Add to space > Connection. See Adding connections to a deployment space.
In the Platform assets catalog
Click New connection. See Adding platform connections.

Next step: Add data assets from the connection

Where you can use this connection

You can use Azure Blob Storage connections in the following workspaces and tools:



  • Platform assets catalog

  • Other catalogs (IBM Knowledge Catalog)

Azure Blob Storage connection string setup

Set up blob storage and access keys on the Microsoft Azure portal. For instructions see:

Example connection string, which you can find in the ApiKeys section of the container:


Supported file types

The Azure Blob Storage connection supports these file types:  Avro, CSV, Delimited text, Excel, JSON, ORC, Parquet, SAS, SAV, SHP, and XML.

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