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Data usage rights risk for AI

Data usage rights risk for AI

Risks associated with input
Training and tuning phase
Intellectual property


Terms of service, copyright laws, or other rules restrict the ability to use certain data for building models.

Why is data usage rights a concern for foundation models?

Laws and regulations concerning the use of data to train AI are unsettled and can vary from country to country, which creates challenges in the development of models. If data usage violates rules or restrictions, business entities might face fines, reputational harms, and other legal consequences.

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Text Copyright Infringement Claims

According to the source article, bestselling novelists Sarah Silverman, Richard Kadrey, and Christopher Golden have sued Meta and OpenAI for copyright infringement. The article further stated that the authors had alleged the two tech companies had “ingested” text from their books into generative AI software (LLMs) and failed to give them credit or compensation.

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