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Jailbreaking risk for AI

Jailbreaking risk for AI

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An attack that attempts to break through the guardrails established in the model is known as jailbreaking.

Why is jailbreaking a concern for foundation models?

Jailbreaking attacks can be used to alter model behavior and benefit the attacker. If not properly controlled, business entities can face fines, reputational harm, and other legal consequences.

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Bypassing LLM guardrails

A study cited by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, The Center for AI Safety, and the Bosch Center for AI, claim to have discovered a simple prompt addendum that allowed the researchers to trick models into generating biased, false, and otherwise toxic information. The researchers showed that they might circumvent these guardrails in a more automated way. These attacks were shown to be effective in a wide range of open source products, including ChatGPT, Google Bard, Meta’s LLaMA, Anthropic’s Claude, and others.

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We provide examples covered by the press to help explain many of the foundation models' risks. Many of these events covered by the press are either still evolving or have been resolved, and referencing them can help the reader understand the potential risks and work towards mitigations. Highlighting these examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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