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Personal information in prompt risk for AI

Personal information in prompt risk for AI

Risks associated with input


Inclusion of personal information as a part of a generative model’s prompt, either through the system prompt design or through the inclusion of end user input, might later result in unintended reuse or disclosure of that personal information.

Why is personal information in prompt a concern for foundation models?

Prompt data might be stored or later used for other purposes like model evaluation and retraining. These types of data must be reviewed with respect to privacy laws and regulations. Without proper data storage and usage business entities could face fines, reputational harms, and other legal consequences.

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Disclose personal health information in ChatGPT prompts

As per the source articles, some people on social media shared about using ChatGPT as their makeshift therapists. Articles that users may include personal health information in their prompts during the interaction, which may raise privacy concerns. The information could be shared with the company that own the tech and could be used for training or tuning or even share with unspecified third parties.

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