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Getting started with IBM watsonx as a Service

Getting started with IBM watsonx as a Service

You can sign up for IBM watsonx.ai or IBM watsonx.governance and explore the tutorials, resources, and tools to immediately start working with models or governing models. If you are an administrator, follow the steps to set up watsonx for your organization.

Start working

To start working:

  1. If you haven't already, sign up for watsonx.ai or watsonx.governance.
  2. Click a task tile on the watsonx home page and start working. For example, click Experiment with foundation models and build prompts to open the Prompt Lab. Then, choose a sample prompt and start experimenting. Your first project, where you save your work, is created automatically. See Your sandbox project.
  3. Explore your resources:
    • Take a Quick start tutorial
    • Click a category in the Samples area of the home page to try out a notebook, a prompt, or a sample project.

If you are an existing Cloud Pak for Data as a Service user, you can switch to watsonx.

Set up the platform as an administrator

To set up the watsonx platform for your organization, see Setting up the platform as an administrator.

Learn about watsonx

To understand watsonx, start with these resources:

Other information:

Generative AI search and answer
These answers are generated by a large language model in watsonx.ai based on content from the product documentation. Learn more