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Data transfer risk for AI

Data transfer risk for AI

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Laws and other restrictions can limit or prohibit transferring data.

Why is data transfer a concern for foundation models?

Data transfer restrictions can impact the availability of the data that is required for training an AI model and can lead to poorly represented data. In addition to impact on data availability, failure to comply with data transfer laws and regulations might result in fines and other legal consequences.

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Data Restriction Laws

As stated in the research article, data localization measures, which restrict the ability to move data globally reduce the capacity to develop tailored AI capacities. It affects AI directly by providing less training data and indirectly by undercutting the building blocks on which AI is built.

Examples include China's data localization laws, and GDPR restrictions on the processing and use of personal data.

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We provide examples covered by the press to help explain many of the foundation models' risks. Many of these events covered by the press are either still evolving or have been resolved, and referencing them can help the reader understand the potential risks and work towards mitigations. Highlighting these examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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