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Creating a project

Creating a project

You create a project to collaborate with your team on working with data and other resources to achieve a particular goal, such as building a model.

Your sandbox project is created automatically when you sign up for watsonx.ai.

You can create an empty project, start from a sample project that provides sample data and other assets, or import a previously exported project. See Importing a project. The number of projects you can create per data center is 100.

Your project resources can include data, collaborators, tools, assets that run code, like notebooks and models, and other types of assets.

Requirements and restrictions

Before you create a project, understand the requirements for storage and the project name.

Storage requirement
You must associate an IBM Cloud Object Storage instance with your project to store assets. Each project has a separate bucket to hold the project's assets. If you are not an administrator for the IBM Cloud Object Storage instance, it must be configured to allow project creation. When a new project is created, the Cloud Object Storage bucket defaults to Regional resiliency. Regional buckets distribute data across several data centers that are within the same metropolitan area. If one of these data centers suffers an outage or destruction, availability and performance are not affected.
Project name requirements
Your project name must follow these requirements:
  • Must be unique in the account.
  • Must contain 1 - 255 characters.
  • Can't contain these characters: % \
  • Can't contain leading or trailing underscores (_).
  • Can't contain leading or trailing spaces. Leading or trailing spaces are automatically truncated.

Creating a project

To create a project:

  1. Choose Projects > View all projects from the navigation menu and click New project.
  2. Choose whether to create an empty project or to create a project based on an exported project file or a sample project.
  3. If you chose to create a project from a file or a sample, upload a project file or select a sample project. See Importing a project.
  4. If you chose to create a new project, add a name on the New project screen.
  5. You can mark the project as sensitive. The project has a sensitive tag and project collaborators can't move data assets out of the project. You cannot change this setting after the project is created.
  6. (Optional) Enter a description
  7. (Optional) Add tags to find your projects. To add more tags, separate with commas and press Enter.
  8. Choose an existing object storage service instance or create a new one.
  9. Click Create. You can start adding resources to your project.

Watch this video to see how to create a project.

Video disclaimer: Some minor steps and graphical elements in this video might differ from your platform.

This video provides a visual method to learn the concepts and tasks in this documentation.

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