Importing a project

You can create a project that is preloaded with assets by importing the project.

Use one of these methods:

  • From a local file

    You can import a project from a file on your local system only if the ZIP file that you select was exported from Watson Studio as a compressed file.

  • From a sample

    You can create a project from a project sample to learn how to work with data in tools, such as notebooks to prepare data, analyze data, build and train models, and visualize analysis results.

    The project samples show, for example how to load and explore data, to create and train machine learning models for predictive analysis and how to prescribe further actions. Each project includes the notebook and all the data sets that you need to complete the example use case.

Important: After the project import is completed, you should always view the project import summary to check that all the assets were successfully imported.

The status of a project import is also tracked on the project’s Overview page. Imported notebook jobs will always run on the latest available version of the notebook.

Before you begin working with the imported assets in your new project, you should check for missing credentials, for example in notebooks and data connections, to enable successful relinking between project assets.

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