Project collaborators

After you create a project, add collaborators to share knowledge and resources freely, shift workloads flexibly, and help one another complete jobs. You must have the Admin role in the project to manage collaborators.

Add collaborators

The number of collaborators that you can add to a project might be restricted by your plan.

The eligibility of collaborators is affected by whether the project is restricted by the Restrict who can be a collaborator setting:

  • If the project is restricted, you can add members of your IBM Cloud account as collaborators, or, if your company has SAML federation on IBM Cloud, you can add any user who has a company email address. To add users, see Set up additional account users.
  • If the project is not restricted, you can add anyone you want as a collaborator.

You can see whether the project is restricted and whether SAML federation is enabled on the project Settings page.

Watch this video to see how to add collaborators and grant them access to your projects.

Figure 1. Video iconCollaborate on projects

To add collaborators to your project:

  1. From your project, click the Access Control tab, and then click Add collaborators.
  2. Add the collaborators who you want to have the same access level:
    • Type email addresses into the Invite field.
    • Copy multiple email addresses, separated by commas, and paste them into the Invite field.
  3. Choose the access level for the collaborators and click Add:
    • Viewer: View the project.
    • Editor: Control project assets.
    • Admin: Control project assets, collaborators, and settings.
  4. Add more collaborators with the same or different access levels.
  5. Click Invite.

If the invited users have existing IBM Cloud accounts with Watson Studio activated, they are added to your project immediately.

If an invited user does not have a IBM Cloud account, the user receives an email invitation to create a IBM Cloud account and activate Watson Studio. When the user activates Watson Studio, the user can see your project and the user’s status on your collaborators list changes from Invited to Active. If necessary, you can resend or cancel an invitation.

Add service IDs

You can create service IDs in IBM Cloud to enable an application outside of IBM Cloud access to your IBM Cloud services. Because service IDs are not tied to a specific user, if a user happens to leave an organization and is deleted from the account, the service ID remains ensuring that your application or service stays up and running. See Creating and working with service IDs.

To add a service ID to your project:

  1. From your project, click the Access Control tab, and then click Add Service ID.
  2. In the Add field, search for the service name or description and select the one you want.
  3. Add other service IDs that you want to have the same access level.
  4. Select the access level.
  5. Click Add.

Change collaborator permissions

To change the permissions of a collaborator or service ID, on the Access Control page of the project, choose the permissions from the PERMISSION list next to the collaborator name or service ID.

Remove a collaborator

To remove a collaborator or service ID from a project, on the Access Control page of the project, choose Remove from the ACTIONS menu next to the collaborator name or service ID.

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