Catalogs with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

With the Watson Knowledge Catalog service, you can use a catalog to easily find and share your data and other assets. A catalog is like a private community for your organization. It’s a way to organize resources for many data science projects: data assets, operational assets, and the users who need to use the assets.

How you can use a catalog depends on your role within the catalog:

  • Catalog administrator: You have the Admin role within a catalog. You can administer the catalog, including adding collaborators. You need special permissions to create a catalog.
  • Catalog collaborator: You’ve been added as a collaborator to a catalog with the Viewer or Editor role. You can find assets in the catalog. If you have the Editor role, you can also add assets to the catalog and copy assets to projects to refine data assets.
  • If you have Watson Studio, you can analyze data.

See Catalog assets.

Common tasks

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