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Administering a catalog

Administering a catalog

You can administer a catalog to control who has access to the catalog, the permissions of the catalog collaborators, and catalog settings.

Required permission To create a catalog, you must have this user permission:

  • Manage catalogs

To administer an existing catalog, you must have the Admin role and one of these user permissions within the catalog:

  • Manage catalogs
  • Access catalogs

A catalog consists of the following components:

  • A metadata repository that acts as an index for data and other assets.
  • A list of collaborators who need to access the assets.
  • An object storage instance to store assets that are copied into the catalog.

You can control the security of assets in a catalog by using the following roles, rules, or access types:

  • Collaborator roles control what actions users can do in the catalog.
  • Asset access can restrict an asset to a specific set of collaborators.
  • Data protection rules can protect data assets from unauthorized access. Owners of data assets in governed catalogs have access to all data assets in the catalog while other users are subject to data protection rules.

As a catalog administrator, you can complete the following tasks:

Watch this short video to see how to create and administer a catalog.

This video provides a visual method to learn the concepts and tasks in this documentation.

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