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Changing catalog settings

Changing catalog settings

You can view the catalog settings on its Settings page. If you have the Admin role in the catalog, you can change some of the catalog settings.

To change catalog settings, click the Settings page to update the following properties:

  • The name and optional description for the catalog by clicking the edit buttons.

  • The connection to the IBM Cloud Object Storage instance by clicking the connection name.

  • Whether to automatically create profiles when data assets are added to the catalog. This option is enabled only if the catalog is governed and is selected by default. You can disable automatic profiling.

  • The duplicate handling method for the catalog. Choose from update, overwrite, allow duplicates (default), or preserve. Find out more information about duplicate asset handling options in Handling duplicate assets in catalogs.

You can see whether the catalog is governed or not, but you can't change that setting after the catalog is created.

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