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Databases for MongoDB on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

Databases for MongoDB on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service


MongoDB Enterprise Advanced is a cross-platform, document-oriented, NoSQL database. Rather than table-based relational database structure, it uses JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, which makes it easier and faster to integrate data in certain types of applications. With the Databases for MongoDB service you can create highly performant, highly available databases with automatic scaling in your IBM Cloud Pak for Data cluster so that you can govern the data and use it for in-depth analysis.

Integrating a MongoDB database into IBM Cloud Pak for Data can be useful in the following situations:

  • You need an operational database that supports a rapidly changing data model.
  • You want lightweight, low-latency analytics integrated into your operational database.
  • You need real-time views of your business, even if your data is in silos.
  • You develop applications and need a database that can:
    • Store large amounts of data with different data types, such as structure, unstructured, and polymorphic data
    • Support millions of users.
    • Personalize the content that you deliver to customers.
  • You need to store large amounts of data from Internet of Things devices or sensors.
  • You need to maintain a catalog.
  • You need to store and serve many different types of content.

This service provides a database that you can connect to from Watson Studio and IBM Knowledge Catalog.

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Integrated services

Table 1. Related services. The following related services are often used with this service and provide complementary features, but they are not required.
Service Capability
IBM Cloud Data Engine Run SQL queries (that is, SELECT statements) to analyze, transform, or clean up rectangular data.
IBM Knowledge Catalog Create catalogs of curated assets with this secure enterprise catalog management platform that is supported by a data governance framework.
Watson Studio Prepare, analyze, and model data in a collaborative environment with tools for data scientists, developers, and domain experts.
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