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Watson Machine Learning on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

Watson Machine Learning on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service



Watson Machine Learning provides a full range of tools and services so that you can build, train, and deploy Machine Learning models. Choose the tool with the level of automation or autonomy that matches your needs.

Watson Machine Learning is part of Cloud Pak for Data as a Service and provides the machine learning capabilities of the data fabric architecture.

A diagram depicting how Watson Machine Learning fits into the service architecture for Cloud Pak for Data as a Service.

These tools are available with the Watson Machine Learning service:

  • AutoAI experiment builder for automatically processing structured data to generate model-candidate pipelines. The best-performing pipelines can be saved as a machine learning model and deployed for scoring.
  • Notebooks provide an interactive programming environment for working with data, testing models, and rapid prototyping
  • Deployment spaces give you the tools to view and manage model deployments.
  • Federated Learning to train models using remote, disconnected data sources. The federated sources can contribute to building an accurate model without compromising security.
  • Tools to view and manage model deployments.

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Service Capability
Watson Studio Prepare, analyze, and model data in a collaborative environment with tools for data scientists, developers, and domain experts.
Watson OpenScale Infuse your AI with trust and transparency. Understand how your AI models make decisions to detect and mitigate bias.
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