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Watson Query on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

Watson Query on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service



Watson Query integrates multiple data sources across locations without having to copy and replicate data, and turns all this data into one virtual data view. This read-only data view makes the job of getting value out of your data easy.

Watson Query is fully integrated into Cloud Pak for Data as a Service on IBM Cloud as part of the data fabric. Watson Query provides the virtualization capabilities of the data fabric architecture.

A decorative animation that depicts that Watson Query is part of Cloud Pak for Data as a Service on IBM Cloud.

To get started, create a service instance of Watson Query and launch it in Cloud Pak for Data as a Service. Then, create connections to your data sources so that you can quickly create views across all of your organization’s data.

With Watson Query, your company can accomplish these goals:

  • Simplify your analytics and make them more accurate because you’re querying the latest data at its source.
  • Use real-time analytics efficiently and get current analytics for distributed data sources, with no need to store data outside your data center.
  • Accelerate processing times by automatically organizing your data nodes into a collaborative network for computational efficiency.
  • Take advantage of standard SQL through common interfaces such as R, Spark, Python, and Jupyter Notebooks in a single data repository where your SQL applications can connect and run.
  • Centralize authentication and authorization for data sources in a trusted environment where credentials for your private databases are stored encrypted at the local device and are private to that device.

This service adds a workspace to Cloud Pak for Data as a Service.

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Required services

Table 1. Required services. The following services are required for this service.
Service Capability
IBM® Knowledge Catalog Create catalogs of curated assets with this secure enterprise catalog management platform that is supported by a data governance framework.

Integrated services

Table 2. Related services. The following related services are often used with this service and provide complementary features, but they are not required.
Service Capability
Watson Studio Prepare, analyze, and model data in a collaborative environment with tools for data scientists, developers, and domain experts.

Compatible data sources

See Supported data sources in Watson Query for a list of data sources that are compatible.

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