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Monitoring your replication

Monitoring your replication

You can monitor your Data Replication assets and your Data Replication service instance.

Monitoring your Data Replication service instance

You can view your usage after you've deployed a Data Replication instance. To check the status of your Data Replication service, go to the Resource list and filter by Product > Data Replication. You can check the overall status of the Data Replication service at IBM Cloud Status.

Monitoring your Data Replication assets

You can view a summary of the source and target connections, schema mappings, job details, event logs, and metrics on the Details page of your replication asset. Go to the Assets page, click the overflow menu next to the asset name, and select Details.

The Metrics panel on the replication Details page provides the current metrics for a running replication. Two views of the metrics are provided: Table and Graph. The metrics are retrieved every 60 seconds, and the date and timestamp on the panel indicates what time the metric values were retrieved. The Table view shows the most recent metrics values. The Graph view shows two line graphs tracking the last 30 minutes of metrics. You can hover on the graph points to see the actual values for that point.

The metrics available are:

Metric Description
Source bytesRead The number of bytes processed on the source side in the last interval (60 seconds).
Source bytesRead total The total number of source bytes processed.
Source last transaction The timestamp of the last source transaction processed.
Target bytesApplied The number of bytes applied to the target side in the last interval (60 seconds).
Target bytesApplied total The total number of bytes applied to the target.
Target last transaction The timestamp of the last target transaction processed.

An active replication with source changes occurring should always show more than 0 bytes for BytesRead. If the value is 0, you might need to investigate if data is flowing as expected. The value for BytesApplied may be 0 if there are no changes in the source database that were replicated during the current interval.

If the values are in Loading... state for an extended period or the source bytesRead values are 0 then, there might be a problem with the replication. Review the event log panel beside the Metrics panel to see if there are any events indicative of problems.

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