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Supported Data Replication connections

Supported Data Replication connections

An IBM Data Replication connector provides data connectivity and metadata integration for both internal and external data sources. You can configure a data store to be used by your Data Replication asset and add a connection to the data store in your project.

Tech preview This is a technology preview and is not yet supported for use in production environments.

All sources can replicate to all targets.

Data source Source Target
Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
Apache Kafka
Db2 on Cloud
Db2 Warehouse


Some objects are not eligible for data replication. When you select a table that is ineligible for data replication, either by replicating the schema in which it exists or by selecting the table, you can save the Data Replication asset, start it and edit it as usual. When you run the Data Replication asset, the asset will change status to Running even if no tables are eligible for replication. However, the event log will display messages for objects, tables or columns that are not replicating because they are ineligible and the reason why they cannot replicate.

Objects that are ineligible for Data Replication include:

  • Column-oriented tables
  • Synonyms
  • System tables
  • Tables without a primary key or unique constraint
  • Tables with columns containing data types that are unsupported in the target table
  • Temporary tables
  • Views

Certain source operations do not replicate to the target. These operations include:

  • Truncating PostgreSQL source tables
  • Altering columns of Db2 on Cloud source tables

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