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Data Replication (beta)
Data Replication (beta)

Data Replication (beta)

The IBM Data Replication service provides convenient access to a replication service. By capturing data changes, Data Replication delivers low-impact near-real-time delivery of data.

Tech preview This is a technology preview and is not yet supported for use in production environments.

Use Data Replication to integrate and synchronize data. Data Replication provides near-real-time data delivery with low impact to sources. You can capture data from the following data sources:

The IBM Data Replication service delivers data to the following targets:

The Data Replication service is integrated with Cloud Pak for Data as a Service. It is configured as an asset type that you add to a project. As an asset type, it consists of a source database, schema, and table and a corresponding target. After you create a Data Replication asset, you need to start running the replication asset, which runs continuously.

The Data Replication service optimizes resource use by sending only needed changes that are captured from logs with continuous feeds, helping control costs. The Data Replication service is Enterprise ready, replicating data changes with transactional integrity at high volume throughput and low latency. It shortens batch windows by streaming changes in real time as they occur—fresh data improves business results. Extend your application availability and improve the “Bottom Line”.

After you create a project, or join one, the next step is to add data replications to the project.

You can add data assets from a catalog, or from connections to data sources. You can add these types of data assets to a project:

  • Connection assets that contain information for connecting to data sources. You can add connections to IBM or third-party data sources.

What's new

For the beta, you can use the multi-cloud technology and architecture to replicate source databases from Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and Db2 on Cloud. You can replicate to Db2 on Cloud and Db2 Warehouse.

The beta version of Data Replication includes the following key features:

  • Managed cloud service for simplicity, automatic provisioning, service availability, lights out operations
    • Simplified NEW user experience
    • Intuitive UI
    • Supports copy of schema or schema/table(s) business goal
  • Cloud platform integration
    • Standard IBM look and feel for ease of adoption
  • Simplifies operations with DDL handling
    • New tables that are created on selected source schemas are replicated
    • Table level DDL - new columns, drop columns, and others are replicated
  • Baked in security by using security standards of the IBM Cloud platform
  • Preserves replication core values: Efficient captures from sources, low-latency data delivery and performance

Limitations and known issues

Replicating Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL data types timestamp with time zone and time with time zone is not currently supported when the target is Db2 Warehouse.

Replicating Db2 on Cloud source tables that use the Copy goal does not currently replicate altering columns of a table. Data Replication's Copy goal replicates adding columns, dropping columns, creating tables (if you configure the table to capture data changes), and dropping tables, in addition to replicating changes to rows.

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