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Starting Data Replication

Starting Data Replication

You can create and start replications using source and target data sources.

Before you begin

Complete the following prerequisites:

  1. You must have a Data Replication service. If you do not have a Data Replication service instance, see Creating and managing IBM Cloud services.
  2. You must create a project.
  3. You must add Data Replication as an associated service to your project.

Starting your replication

To start Data Replication:

  1. From the Assets tab of your project, click New asset.

  2. In the Graphical builders category, select Data Replication.

  3. Enter a name.

  4. The Copy business goal is already selected for you. Copy will synchronize the specified schemas and tables from the source to the target. Click Source options.

  5. Select a source connection from the list, or click Add Connection to create a new one. See Supported Data Replication connections.

  6. Click Select data.

  7. Select a schema to see the list of tables for that schema. You can select one or more schemas and tables.

    Selecting only a schema without selecting any tables in the schema will keep the schema (and all its tables) from the source synchronized on the target. An asterisk will be added next to the schema in the Replication selection column to indicate that the entire schema will be replicated.

    If you select one or more specific tables from a schema, then only those tables will be synchronized. The tables will be listed in the Replication selection column and you can expand and collapse the schema to see the set of selected tables from that schema.

  8. Click Target options.

  9. Select a target connection from the list, or click Add Connection to create a new one. Check the specific connection topics to see what information is needed for each type of connection.

  10. Click Review.

  11. Review the summary, then click Create.

Running your replication

To run your replication:

  1. From the project, click the Assets tab.

  2. Click the Data Replication asset.

  3. Click the Run replication icon Run replication to start the replication process.

  4. The first time you click the run replication icon on a Data Replication asset, an API key configuration dialog will appear. This API key updates information in the project.

    1. Click Generate an API key.
    2. A Name and Description are provided for you, and you can edit both.
    3. Click Generate and run.
    4. To save your API key, click the Copy icon, and paste into the password manager software of your choice.
    5. Click Close.

The replication status changes to starting and you can see progress in the event log. The status updates to running after the replication process starts.

The replication continues to run until you stop it. Changes to the selected source schema tables are replicated in the target database tables.

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