Adding associated services

After you create a project, you can add associated services to it at any time. You must have the Admin role in the project to add associated services.

To add any service to a project, go to the project Settings page and click Add service in the Associated Services section. If you don’t have an existing service, you can provision it.

If you want to use different compute services than the built-in runtime environments, you can add these compute services to your project:

  • Amazon Elastic Map Reduce
  • IBM Analytics Engine

Some types of operational assets require a service. If the service is not already in the project, you are prompted to associate it the first time you create the type of asset that requires it:

  • Cognos Dashboard Embedded for dashboard assets
  • IBM Watson Machine Learning for Machine Learning model assets, modeler flow assets, and experiment assets
  • IBM Streaming Analytics for streams flow assets
  • Watson Natural Language Classifier) for Watson Natural Language Classifier model assets
  • Visual Recognition for Visual Recognition model assets

If you want to use other Watson services, you can use their APIs in notebooks by adding them to your project:

  • Watson OpenScale
  • Watson Assistant
  • Watson Discovery
  • Watson Language Translator
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Watson Personality Insights
  • Watson Speech to Text
  • Watson Text to Speech
  • Watson Tone Analyzer

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