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Replicating Apache Kafka data

Replicating Apache Kafka data

You can replicate data from other databases to Apache Kafka with Data Replication.

Before you begin

Ask your Kafka administrator for Kafka credentials that Data Replication can use to write to the cluster. Ask for Kafka producer properties for the cluster.

Connecting to Apache Kafka in a project

To connect to Apache Kafka in a project in Cloud Pak for Data as a Service, see Apache Kafka connection.

Starting Data Replication

To create a Data Replication asset:

  1. From the Assets tab in the project, click New asset.

  2. Select the Data Replication asset type.

  3. Enter a name.

  4. Click Connections.

  5. On the Source options page, select Apache Kafka from the list of connections or click Add connection to create a new connection.

  6. Click Select data, select a schema, and optionally a table from the schema.

  7. Click Target options and select the Kafka connection from the list.

  8. Click Review. When you configure Data Replication to replicate a source schema, tables you create on the source database replicate to the default topic when you run the Data Replication asset. When you replicate a source schema and you change a source table's structure, Data Replication updates the target topic headers accordingly.

  9. Review the summary, then click Create. When you start a replication, the topics configured in the replication are truncated. When you pause and resume a replication, the topics are not truncated.

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