Managing Cloud Pak for Data as a Service and core services

As the owner or an administrator of the IBM Cloud account, you can monitor and manage the Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, and Watson Knowledge Catalog services.

An IBM Cloud account administrator is a user in the account who was assigned the Administrator role in IBM Cloud for the All Identity and Access enabled services option in IAM. Select Administer > Access (IAM) from the main menu. See Managing IAM access. If you’re not sure of your roles, see Determine your roles.

You perform some administrative tasks within Cloud Pak for Data as a Service, and others in IBM Cloud. Some tasks require steps in both areas, depending on your goals.

Task In Cloud Pak for Data? In IBM Cloud?
Manage services in IBM Cloud
Switch service region  
Migrate from Cloud Foundry to a resource group  
Upgrade your IBM Cloud account
Upgrade your core services  
Upgrade your IBM Cloud services
Configure private service endpoints  
Stop using Cloud Pak for Data as a Service
Monitor account resource usage
View and manage environment runtimes  
Change the number of authorized users for Watson Studio  
Add authorized users  
Configure IBM Cloud Object Storage for project and catalog creation  
Assign Watson Knowledge Catalog administrators  

Switch service region

Cloud Pak for Data as a Service and core services are available in multiple IBM Cloud service regions and you can have services in more than one region. Your projects, catalogs, and data are specific to the region in which they were saved and can be accessed only from your services in that region. For example, if you provisioned Watson Studio services in the Dallas and the Frankfurt regions, you can’t access projects that you created with Watson Studio in the Frankfurt region from Watson Studio in the Dallas region.

To switch your service region:

  1. Log in to Cloud Pak for Data as a Service.
  2. Click your avatar and choose Change region. You see an offering plan name for any instances of core services that you can access across the service regions.
  3. On the Regions page, select a region that has available services.

Migrate your service instances from a Cloud Foundry org and space to a resource group

You can migrate your Watson Studio or Watson Machine Learning service instance from a Cloud Foundry org and space to a resource group in IBM Cloud. Resource groups include finer-grained access control by using IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM), the ability to connect service instances to apps and service across different regions, and an easy way to view usage per group.

After you migrate your Watson Machine Learning service instance, remove and then add back the service instance on the Settings page of each project that associates the service instance.

For instructions, see IBM Cloud: Migrating Cloud Foundry service instances to a resource group.

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