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Managing all projects in the account

Managing all projects in the account

If you have the required permission, you can view and manage all projects in your IBM Cloud account. You can add yourself to a project so that you can delete it or change its collaborators.


To manage all projects in the account, you must:

  • Restrict resources to the current account. See steps to set the scope for resources.
  • Have the Manage projects permission that is provided by the IAM Manager role for the IBM Cloud Pak for Data service. See User roles.

Managing projects

You can add yourself to a project when you need to delete the project, delete collaborators, or assign the Admin role to a collaborator in the project. To manage projects:

  • View all active projects on the Projects page in Cloud Pak for Data as a Service by clicking the drop-down menu next to the search field and selecting All active projects.
  • Join any project as Admin by clicking Join as admin in the Your role column.
  • Filter projects to identify which projects you are not a collaborator in, by clicking the filter icon Filter icon and selecting Your role > No membership.

For more details on managing projects, see Administering projects.

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