Adding a connection asset to a catalog

A connection asset contains the information necessary to create a connection to a data source.

You can add connection assets to these data sources to a catalog. You must have Editor or Admin permissions on a catalog to add a connection asset.

Connection assets are automatically added when you publish data assets that require connections from a project to a catalog.

To add a connection asset:

  1. Click Add to catalog > Connection.
  2. Choose a data source.
  3. Enter the connection information required for your data source. Typically, you need to provide information like the host, port number, user name, and password.
  4. For on-premises databases, choose a Secure Gateway service or configure a new Secure Gateway service.
  5. If there’s a Discover data assets option for the data source, you can add all tables from the connection as data assets to a project. Select Discover data assets and choose a project. Then you can evaluate and refine the tables before you publish them to the catalog. See Discovering data assets from a connection.
  6. Click Create.

After the connection asset appears on the Browse page, click its name to view and update it.

If you edit a connection asset and mark it as private, it has the following effects:

  • Users who are not members of the connection asset can view the data previews of data assets that require the connection, but they can’t use those data assets.
  • Only members of the connection asset can add the data assets that require the connection to a project.

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