Adding a connection asset to a catalog

A connection asset contains the information necessary to create a connection to a data source.

You can add connection assets to these data sources to a catalog. You must have Editor or Admin permissions in a catalog to add a connection asset.

Connection assets are automatically added when you publish data assets that require connections from a project to a catalog.

To add a connection asset:

  1. Click Add to catalog > Connection.
  2. Choose a data source. If you select an existing connection, the connections details are already available.
  3. Enter the connection information required for your data source. Typically, you need to provide information like the host, port number, username, and password.

  4. For on-premises databases, choose a Secure Gateway service or configure a new Secure Gateway service.

  5. Enter credentials for your data source. Select Shared to enter credentials to make the data source and its credentials accessible to all collaborators in the project. Select Personal, if you want each collaborator to provide their own credentials to use the data source.

  6. Click Create.

After the connection asset appears on the Browse page, click its name to view and update it.

If you edit a connection asset and mark it as private, it has the following effects:

  • Users who are not members of the connection asset can view the data previews of data assets that require the connection, but they can’t use those data assets.
  • Only members of the connection asset can add the data assets that require the connection to a project.

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