Data Replication on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service


Use IBM Data Replication on Cloud to integrate and synchronize data. Data Replication provides near-real-time data delivery with low impact to source databases through log-based change data capture. You can capture data from the following data sources:

  • Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

This service adds a tool in projects.

Data Replication is part of Cloud Pak for Data as a Service and provides the data replication capabilities of the data fabric architecture.

A diagram depicting how Data Replication fits into the service architecture for Cloud Pak for Data as a Service.

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Integrated services

Table 1. Related services. The following related services are often used with this service and provide complementary features, but they are not required.
Service Capability
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Db2 Warehouse Get in-memory processing and integrated database analytics with this high-performing analytics engine.