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Watson Studio service plans

Watson Studio service plans

The plan you choose for Watson Studio affects the features and capabilities that you can use.

When you provision or upgrade Watson Studio, you can choose between a Lite and a Professional plan.

See the plan pages in IBM Cloud catalog: Watson Studio for pricing and feature information.

IBM Cloud account owners can choose between the Lite (unpaid) and Professional (paid) plan.

Under the Professional plan, you can provision multiple Watson Studio instances in an IBM Cloud account. The Professional plan allows unlimited users and charges for compute usage which is measured in capacity unit hours (CUH). The Professional plan is the only paid plan option.

Under the Lite plan, you can provision one Watson Studio instance per IBM Cloud account. The Lite plan allows only one user and limits the CUH to 10 hours per month. Collaborators in your projects must have their own Watson Studio Lite plans.

Both Watson Studio plans contain these features without additional services:

Both Watson Studio plans contain these features that also require the Watson Machine Learning service:

The Watson Studio Professional plan includes features that are not available in the Lite plan, including the following:

The Professional plan charges for compute usage consumed per month. Compute usage is measured in capacity unit hours (CUH). For details on computing resource allocation and consumption, see Runtime usage.

Table 1. Feature differences between Watson Studio plans
Feature Lite Professional
Custom encryption keys
Large environments
Spark environments 2 executors Up to 35 executors
GPU environments ✓ Dallas region only
Export projects
Collaborators 1 Unlimited
Processing usage 10 CUH per month Unlimited - pay per CUH
HIPAA readiness ✓ Dallas region only

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