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Watson Studio on IBM watsonx

Watson Studio on IBM watsonx


Watson Studio is part of IBM® watsonx.ai. Watson Studio provides the environment and tools for your team to collaboratively solve your business problems. You can choose the tools you need to analyze and visualize data, to cleanse and shape data, to experiment with prompting foundation models, to tune foundation models, or to create and train machine learning models.
Watson Studio provides the following tools:
  • Data Refinery: Prepare and visualize data.
  • Prompt Lab: Experiment with prompting foundation models.
  • Tuning Studio: Tune a foundation model to guide the foundation model to return useful output.
  • Jupyter notebook editor: Code Jupyter notebooks in Python or R.
  • SPSS® Modeler: Automate the flow of data through a model with SPSS algorithms.
  • Decision Optimization model builder: Optimize solving business problem scenarios.
  • Federated learning: Train models on remote parties without sharing data.
  • RStudio®: Code Jupyter notebooks in R.
  • Pipelines: Automate end-to-end flows of data or models.
  • Synthetic Data Generator: Generate tabular data to use in training models.

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