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Managing Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

Managing Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

As the owner or an administrator of the IBM Cloud account, you can monitor and manage services and the platform.

An IBM Cloud account administrator is a user in the account who was assigned the Administrator role in IBM Cloud for the All Identity and Access enabled services option in IAM. If you're not sure of your roles, see Determine your roles.

You perform some administrative tasks within Cloud Pak for Data as a Service, and others in IBM Cloud. Some tasks require steps in both areas, depending on your goals.

Configuring services

The core services include the Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, Watson OpenScale, IBM Knowledge Catalog, Watson Query, DataStage, Match 360, and Cognos Dashboard Embedded services.

Task In Cloud Pak for Data as a Service? In IBM Cloud?
Manage services in IBM Cloud
Switch service region
Upgrade your IBM Cloud account
Upgrade your services
Upgrade your IBM Cloud services
Configure private service endpoints
Remove users
Stop using Cloud Pak for Data as a Service
Monitor account resource usage
View and manage environment runtimes
Set up IBM Cloud Object Storage for use with Cloud Pak for Data as a Service
Manage storage space in IBM Cloud Object Storage
Manage users and access
Assign IBM Knowledge Catalog roles
Create user access groups
Activate the Hybrid Subscription Advantage
Set resources scope
Set type of credentials for connections
Manage IBM Cloud account in IBM Cloud
Manage all projects in the account
Secure Cloud Pak for Data as a Service
Set up IBM Cloud App ID (beta)

Configuring the platform

The options on the Administration > Configurations and settings page provide customizations for assets and IBM Knowledge Catalog artifacts, catalogs, and reports, and other platform configurations.

Task In Cloud Pak for Data? In IBM Cloud?
Customize the Cloud Pak for Data as a Service browser home page
Manage IBM Knowledge Catalog catalogs
Manage users and access to IBM Knowledge Catalog
Manage reports for IBM Knowledge Catalog
View asset and artifact definitions
Configure custom properties and relationships for assets and artifacts
Delegate encryption keys for IBM Cloud Object Storage
Specify authorized users (for Watson Studio legacy plans)

Switch service region

The platform and services are available in multiple IBM Cloud service regions and you can have services in more than one region. Your projects, catalogs, and data are specific to the region in which they were saved and can be accessed only from your services in that region. If you provision Watson Studio services in both the Dallas and the Frankfurt regions, you can't access projects that you created in the Frankfurt region from the Dallas region.

To switch your service region:

  1. Log in to Cloud Pak for Data as a Service.
  2. Click the Region Switcher Region Switcher icon in the home page header.
  3. Select the region that contains your services and projects.

For wider browsers, you can select the region from the dropdown menu.

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