Catalog collaborator permissions

Catalog collaborators have one of these roles that provide permissions:

  • Viewer: can only look at the catalog
  • Editor: can use, add, and control access to assets
  • Admin: has full control over the catalog

Note: Assets in catalogs have privacy settings that can restrict who can find and act on the asset. Only members of an asset can restrict access to that asset. See controlling access to an asset.

Catalog roles provide these permissions:

Action Viewer Editor Admin
Find assets yes yes yes
View assets yes yes yes
View asset profile yes yes yes
Run asset profile no yes yes
Add assets no yes yes
Modify assets no yes yes
Delete assets no yes yes
Copy assets to projects yes yes yes
Publish assets from projects no yes yes
View the business glossary yes yes yes
View data policies yes yes yes
View collaborators yes yes yes
Add or remove collaborators no no yes
Change collaborator roles no no yes
View catalog settings yes yes yes
Modify catalog settings no no yes
Delete the catalog no no yes

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