Managing your settings

To manage your profile, your services, and your integrations, while logged in to Cloud Pak for Data as a Service, click your avatar in the banner and then click Profile and settings. To manage your notifications, click the bell icon in the banner.

Manage your profile

You can manage your profile on the Profile page.

You can make these changes to your profile:

  • Add or change your avatar photo.
  • Change your IBMid or password.
  • Set your service locations filters by resource group, Cloud Foundry organization, and region. The filters apply to the Services pages that you access through the Services menu.
  • Access your IBM Cloud account.
  • Leave Cloud Pak for Data as a Service.

Switch accounts

If you are added to a shared IBM Cloud account that is different from your individual account, you can switch your account by selecting a different account from the account list in the menu bar, next to your avatar.

Manage your integrations

You can set up and modify an integration to GitHub on the Integrations page. See Publish notebooks on GitHub

Manage your notification settings

To see your notification settings, click the notification bell icon and then click the settings icon.

You can make these changes to your notification settings:

  • Specify to receive notifications on the notification bell, by email, or both.
  • Specify for which projects you receive notifications.

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