Cloud Object Storage on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service


IBM Cloud Object Storage provides storage for projects, catalogs, and deployment spaces. You can also create connections to access data in an IBM Cloud Object Storage instance.

When you create a project, catalog, or deployment space, you must choose an IBM Cloud Object Storage instance. You can use a single instance for all projects, catalogs, and deployment spaces, or you can use multiple instances. Each project, catalog, and deployment space has its own dedicated bucket. The bucket stores files for assets, such as uploaded data files or notebook files. The connection between the project, catalog, or deployment space and its storage bucket is implicit.

You create an IBM Cloud Object Storage connection when you want to connect to data stored in any IBM Cloud Object Storage instance that you have access to. After you create a connection to a Cloud Object Storage bucket, you can access the files in the bucket by creating connected data assets.

This service provides storage for projects, catalogs, and deployment spaces. The Lite plan instance is free to use for storage capacity up to 25 GB per month.

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Integrated services

Table 1. Related services. The following related services are often used with this service and provide complementary features, but they are not required.
Service Capability
Watson™ Knowledge Catalog Create catalogs of curated assets with this secure enterprise catalog management platform that is supported by a data governance framework.
Watson Machine Learning Build, train, and deploy machine learning models with a full range of tools.
Watson Studio Prepare, analyze, and model data in a collaborative environment with tools for data scientists, developers, and domain experts.