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Provisioning and launching watsonx.governance

Provisioning and launching watsonx.governance

You can provision and launch your watsonx.governance service instance to start monitoring your model assets.

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Required permissions
To provision and launch a watsonx.governance service instance, you must have Administrator or Editor platform access roles in the IBM Cloud account for IBM watsonx. If you signed up for IBM watsonx with your own IBM Cloud account, you are the owner of the account. Otherwise, you can check your IBM Cloud account roles and permissions.

Launching a watsonx.governance service instance

Before you launch watsonx.governance, you must create a service instance from your watsonx account.

To launch watsonx.governance from IBM watsonx:

  1. From the navigation menu Navigation menu, choose Administration > Services > Service instances.
  2. Click your watsonx.governance service instance.
  3. From the Service Details page, click Launch watsonx.governance.

Managing watsonx.governance

You can manage your Watson OpenScale service instance by upgrading it or deleting it.

You can upgrade watsonx.governance from a free Lite plan to a paid plan by using the IBM Cloud dashboard:


Upgrade to a paid plan if you are getting error messages, such as 403 Errors.AIQFM0011: 'Lite plan has exceeded the 50,000 rows limitation for Debias or Deployment creation failed. Error: 402.

  1. From the watsonx.governance dashboard, click your profile.
  2. Click View upgrade options.
  3. Select the Essential plan and click Upgrade.

You can also delete the watsonx.governance service instance and related data. After 30 days of inactivity, the data mart is automatically deleted for a Lite plan.

When the data mart is deleted, it includes the service configuration settings and tables:

  • All configuration tables are deleted including the following configuration tables and files:

    • Bindings
    • Subscriptions
    • Settings
  • All the tables that are created for model evaluation are deleted, including, but not limited to, the following tables:

    • Payload
    • Feedback
    • Manual labeling
    • monitors
    • Performance
    • Explanation
    • Annotation tables

Lite plan services are deleted after 30 days of inactivity. Even if you don't delete your instance from IBM Cloud, your data mart is deleted after 30 days of inactivity.

As a user of the Essential plan, your data mart is not automatically deleted. You can delete your watsonx.governance service instance from IBM Cloud and use the command-line interface to delete the data mart.

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