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Exporting master data from IBM Match 360

Exporting master data from IBM Match 360

Export a point-in-time snapshot of your master data from IBM Match 360 with Watson for use elsewhere. You can export all of your data or a subset that includes specific search results.

You can export data in comma-separated (CSV), tab-separated (TSV), or pipe-separated (PSV) format. The exported file can be compressed or uncompressed.

When you export master data that is covered by a data governance rule, the exported file does not include any of the protected data values.

You can also export master data by using a IBM Match 360 connection. For more information, see Connecting data to IBM Match 360 with Watson.

To export master data to a file:

  1. From your master data explorer screen, run a search to create the data set that you want to export. For more information about running searches, see Exploring master data records and entities.
  2. Click Export.
  3. On the Export page, provide a name for your export file, then define the parameters of your master data export. You can export data in the form of entities or records. You can also filter by entity type.
  4. Set the format of the exported data (CSV, TSV, or PSV) and define the compression type to use for the target file (TAR, TGZ, ZIP, or none).
  5. Click Export.
  6. Monitor the progress of your export job by clicking the Jobs in progress icon jobs icon.

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