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Exploring master data entities and records in IBM Match 360

Exploring master data entities and records in IBM Match 360

The master data explorer empowers you to find, view, compare, edit, and analyze your master data entities and the records that comprise them.

When you are working with governed data in the master data explorer, a shield icon shield icon indicates masked data next to an attribute name indicates that its values are masked by a data protection rule. For more information about how IBM Match 360 handles governed catalogs, see Working with governed data in IBM Match 360.

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Exploring record and entity data

IBM Match 360 provides you with a rich and powerful way to explore, view, and visualize the record and entity data in your service instance. You can browse data either graphically or using a table view. You can view the relationships between records in the data, and explore all of the information about a selected person, organization, or other entity at a glance.

To explore record and entity data in the master data explorer interface:

  1. Search for the data that you want to view. The results are shown in a table view by default.

    Example table view results
    Exploring data using table view

    If you want to view and explore your search results graphically in the form of a relationship map, click the Show graph icon This icon toggles to the graphical view.

    Example graphical view results
    Exploring data using graphical view

    To return to the table view, click the Show table icon This icon toggles to the table view.

  2. From the search results, use the record or entity's three-dot action menu or Explore icon explore icon to select it for further exploration in the Explore tab. When you send an entity or record to the Explore tab, you can more closely review its details, compare it to any other entities or records in the Explore tab, or edit it.

    Send as many records and entities as you need to the Explore tab to view, compare, and optionally edit their details.

    To edit a record or entity, click the Edit icon This icon opens an edit dialog.

    Tip: When viewing details of an entity, you might notice an Entity attribute tag beside one or more attributes. The values of these entity attributes are defined directly in the entity, as opposed to being inherited from its member records. Entity attributes are only visible when viewing an entity. To change an entity attribute value, edit the entity.
  3. Choose the Explore tab to review and compare the details of any entities or records that are selected for exploration. In the Entity explorer panel, you'll see a list of the records and entities that you selected for exploration from the search screen.

  4. Select the items that you want to explore and compare in detail.

The way IBM Match 360 displays your entities and records in the Explore tab is customizable. For more information, see Defining the way records and attributes are displayed.

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