IBM Cognos Analytics connection

You can create a connection asset for IBM Cognos Analytics in a project or in a catalog. If you have a Watson Machine Learning service instance, you can promote the connection asset from a project to a deployment space. 

Cognos Analytics is an AI-fueled business intelligence platform that supports the entire analytics cycle, from discovery to operationalization.

Supported tools

These tools support Cognos Analytics connections:

  • Data Refinery
  • Notebooks. You can use the insert-to-code function to get the connection credentials and load the data into a data frame. See Load data from data source connections.
  • SPSS Modeler


  • For Data Refinery, you can use this connection only as a source. You cannot use this connection as a target connection or as a target connected data asset.
  • For SPSS Modeler, you can use this connection only to import data. You cannot export data to this connection or to a Cognos Analytics connected data asset.

Supported versions

IBM Cognos Analytics 11

Cognos Analytics setup

Instructions for setting up Cognos Analytics: Getting started in Cognos Analytics

Supported encryption

(Optional) SSL certificate


  • Username and password.
  • Anonymous access is supported if it is enabled on the server.

Supported content types

  • Report (except Reports that require prompts)
  • Query

Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog plans

The IBM Cognos Analytics connection is available on all Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog plans.