Data governance with Watson Knowledge Catalog

You use the data protection policy tools in Watson Knowledge Catalog to characterize the content of data in catalogs and control access to data based on the content.

Data assets are described by classifications, most of which are automatically applied to the data as part of profiling. You control access to data by creating policies and rules in the Policy Manager tool. Within rules, you include classifications to identify the data. You can create business glossary terms in the Business Glossary tool to rename classifications so that they make more sense for your organization. You can view statistics about sensitive data, policies, and policy enforcement in the Data Dashboard.

This diagram shows how the data protection policies, rules, and business terms work together with predefined attribute classifiers to describe and control data.

This image shows data protection policy tools.

Data protection policy tools are scoped to Watson Knowledge Catalog catalogs in the same IBM Cloud account.

You must have the Admin role for the Watson Knowledge Catalog app to create policies, create business terms, and view the Data Dashboard. Otherwise, you can only view policies and business terms.

Some Watson Knowledge Catalog plans have limits on the number of rules and business terms that you can create.

Learn more

Watch this short video to learn about the data policies features.

Figure 8. Video iconData Policies Overview
This video provides an overview of the data policies features.