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Predefined business terms

Predefined business terms

You can use the predefined business terms to describe personal data. The 100 predefined terms are in the Knowledge Accelerator Sample Personal Data category.

These predefined business terms describe core concepts in the personal data area such as:

  • Person
  • Organization
  • Employment Record
  • Contact Information
  • Finance Information
Note: The predefined terms are available only if you create a IBM Knowledge Catalog service instance with a Lite or Standard plan after 7 October 2022.

The predefined business terms have a hierarchy defined. Some of them are identified by the tag concept. For each of these concept terms, there is a set of business terms that describe the various properties related to the concept. They can be identified by the tag property. For example, the concept of Person has related terms Age, Passport Number, First Name and Last Name. These property terms are related to the relevant concept term with an Is Part Of relationship.

Some of the terms have predefined relationships with the relevant 160 data classes to assist with the Term Assignment activity of Metadata Enrichment. In addition, where appropriate, these terms have relationships with the standard IBM Knowledge Catalog classifications of Personal Information, Personally Identifiable Information and Sensitive Personal Information.

To view the predefined business terms go to the Categories menu and select the Knowledge Accelerator Sample Personal Data category. The predefined business terms are listed.

The predefined business terms can also be found when using global search.

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