Overview of Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

Cloud Pak for Data as a Service provides you with an integrated set of capabilities for collecting and organizing your data into a trusted, unified view, and then creating and scaling AI models across your business.

Cloud Pak for Data as a Service includes these features:

  • Streamlined administration:
    • No installation, management, or updating of software or hardware
    • Easy to scale up or down
    • Secure and compliant
    • A subscription with a single monthly bill
  • Integrated experience for working with data:
    • Connect to and catalog data sources on any cloud
    • Provision, populate, and use a governed data lake
    • Run an end-to-end data science lifecycle
    • Access AI services to transform customer interactions

Architecture of Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

Cloud Pak for Data as a Service provides a single, unified interface for a set of core services and their related services.

Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

With Cloud Pak for Data as a Service, you can create these types of services from the integrated services catalog:

  • Core services to govern data, analyze data, run models, and deploy models
  • Services that supplement the core services by adding tools or compute power
  • IBM Cloud database services to store data that you can use in the platform
  • Watson OpenScale, Watson Assistant, and other Watson services that have their own UIs or provide APIs for analyzing data

The sample gallery provides data assets, notebooks, and projects. Sample data assets and notebooks provide examples of data science and machine learning code. Sample projects contain a set of assets and detailed instructions on how to solve a particular business problem.

You can configure integrations to other cloud platforms so that users can easily create connections to data sources on those cloud platforms.

You can create connections to other cloud data sources or your on-premises databases to work with data without moving it.

Core services and the common platform

This illustration shows the functionality that’s included in the common platform, the core services, and the services that supplement the core services.

Services and common platform functionality

The following common platform functionality is included in the core services:

  • Projects for working with data
  • Role-based user management in projects, catalogs, and deployment spaces
  • Common structure for assets across projects, catalogs, and deployment spaces
  • The Data Refinery tool in projects to cleanse and shape data
  • Storage for projects, catalogs, and deployment spaces in IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • User management at the account level
  • Connectivity tools to connect the same set of data sources across projects and catalogs
  • Basic environment definitions that provide compute resources for all tools to process data
  • A services catalog to provision additional services

Watson Studio provides the following types of functionality in projects:

  • Tools to prepare data, analyze and visualize data, and build models
  • More environment definitions
  • The framework for other services that add tools to work with data

Watson Machine Learning provides the following functionality:

  • More tools to build models in projects
  • Tools to deploy models and manage deployed models in deployment spaces

Watson Knowledge Catalog provides the following functionality:

  • Catalogs to share assets
  • Governance artifacts to control and enrich catalog assets
  • Tools to prepare and enrich data in projects
  • The framework for other services that add tools to organize and enrich data in projects

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