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Data Virtualization offering plans

Data Virtualization offering plans

The plan that you choose for Data Virtualization affects the features and capabilities that you can use. For more information, see the Data Virtualization Create page in the catalog.

You can choose one of the following plans in Data Virtualization:

  • Enterprise: Use this plan to create a dedicated and highly available Data Virtualization instance with flexible scaling of compute nodes. Head nodes have 8 vCPU and 32 GB RAM per node. 4 vCPUs per head node are allocated to service management and monitoring, and are not included in the usage charge. Worker nodes have 4 vCPU and 32 GB RAM per node. The service is metered and consumed when it is provisioned, even when no workload is submitted.

  • Lite: Use this plan to create a single tenant Data Virtualization instance. The Data Virtualization instance includes one Head node with 4 vCPU and 16 GB RAM and one worker node with 4 vCPU and 16 GB RAM. You cannot take advantage of scaling or high availability; however, all other capabilities are available to use. Service instances expire after 30 days and cannot be renewed.

    Note: You cannot upgrade or downgrade service plans.

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