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Catalogs (IBM Knowledge Catalog)

Catalogs (IBM Knowledge Catalog)

You can use a catalog to easily find and share your data and other assets. A catalog is like a private community for your organization. It’s a way to organize resources for many data science projects: data assets, models, other types of assets, and the users who need to use the assets.

Required service
IBM Knowledge Catalog or IBM Watson Studio

Restriction: If you have Watson Studio but not IBM Knowledge Catalog, then there is a limit of one catalog. The catalog is limited to no more than 50 assets and no more than 50 collaborators.

Watch this short video to learn about IBM Knowledge Catalog.

This video provides a visual method to learn the concepts and tasks in this documentation.

You can use a catalog for data governance and AI governance in these ways:

  • You can govern data with data protection rules that deny access to data or mask data in a catalog depending on the identity of the user and other criteria.
  • You can share data assets with features in a catalog that acts as a feature store.
  • You can track and govern AI models in a catalog that acts as a model inventory.

To access a catalog, you must be added as a collaborator. To see your catalogs, go to the navigation menu and select Catalogs > View all catalogs. You can sort catalogs by name or date created.

How you can use a catalog depends on your role within the catalog. You might have different roles in different catalogs. To see your role, go to the Access control tab in the catalog and find your name.

Role Tasks
Viewer Find and view assets
Copy assets to projects to work with them
Editor • All Viewer tasks
Add assets to the catalog
Add catalog assets to a project
Modify assets
Remove assets
Admin • All Editor tasks
Manage collaborators
Change catalog settings
Delete the catalog

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