Creating a catalog

You create a catalog to organize your assets and collaborators.

Some Watson Knowledge Catalog plans have limits on the number of catalogs that you can create.


The object storage that you associate with the catalog will contain files for assets that are copied into the catalog. For example, if you add local files or a notebook to the catalog, the information about those files are stored as assets in the catalog and the associated files are stored in object storage.

To create a catalog:

  1. Click Catalogs > View All Catalogs to get to the Your Catalogs page, and then click New Catalog.
  2. Specify these properties:
    • A name and optional description for the catalog.
    • The IBM Cloud Object Storage service. A dedicated storage bucket for the catalog is automatically created.
    • Whether to enforce policies on the catalog. If you enable it, you can’t disable it. See Governance.
  3. Click Create. Your new catalog opens. You can start adding assets and collaborators to it.

You have the Admin role within the catalog.

Watch this short video to see how to create a catalog and find assets fast.

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