Managing authorized users for Watson Studio

As the owner or an administrator of the IBM Cloud account for Watson Studio, you can manage the number of authorized users for the Watson Studio Standard or Enterprise plans. Authorized users are project collaborators with the Admin or Editor role. You can have an unlimited number of project collaborators with the Viewer role. Your Watson Studio offering plan specifies a set number of authorized users that are included in the monthly charge and how much additional authorized users cost.

To view or change the number of authorized users:

  1. Choose Manage > Billing and Usage > Authorized Users.
  2. On the Authorized Users screen, you’ll see the current number of authorized users. Adjust the number up or down as needed.

If both the old and new numbers are below the set number of authorized users, your monthly bill for Watson Studio won’t change. If either the old or new numbers are above the set number of authorized users, your monthly bill will change.

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