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Viewing jobs across projects

Viewing jobs across projects

You can view the jobs that exist across projects for assets such as notebooks, scripts, Data Refinery flows, and DataStage flows to name a few. You see the jobs for assets types depending on the services you have installed.

To view the status of jobs or job runs in projects:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Projects > Jobs.

  2. Select a view scope:

    • Jobs with finished runs: all jobs that contain finished runs
    • Finished runs: all job runs that have finished
    • Jobs with active runs: all jobs that contain that contain active runs
    • Active runs: all job runs that are still active
  3. Click  the Filters icon from the table toolbar to further narrow down the returned search results for the view scope you selected. The filter options vary depending the view scope selection, for example, for jobs with active runs, you can filter by run state, job type and project, whereas for finished runs by time, run state, whether the runs were started manually or by a schedule, job type, run duration and project.

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